Corporate governance​​

ICG is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and adheres to the provisions of the Combined Code on Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Reporting Council. Our team, Board members, audit and remuneration reports are outlined in the Annual Report & Accounts.

We invest continuously in our systems and people to ensure best practice corporate governance. We have put in place teams and processes to monitor and manage the quality of our fund reporting, data security and the conduct of our employees.

The Board

The ICG Board is responsible to the shareholders for the overall management of the ICG Group and provides leadership within a framework of prudent controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed to ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Company to meet its objectives and thus increase shareholder value.

The Board comprises two executive directors, a non-executive Chairman and eight non-executive directors of whom all eight are independent. In accordance with the Combined Code, any shareholder concerns not resolved through the existing mechanisms for investor communication can be conveyed to the Senior Independent Director. The Board has overall responsibility for the Company’s internal control system to give reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded, transactions are authorised and recorded properly and that material errors and irregularities are prevented or detected. A number of committees support the work of the Board, individually the Remuneration, Audit, Risk and Nominations committees.

The Chief Executive Officer is supported in his role by a committee called the Executive Committee comprising two executive directors who meet on a regular basis to consider operational matters and the implementation of the Group’s strategy.

Our Company

The Company communicates with its shareholders through interim and annual reports and the Annual General Meeting ("AGM"). The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, the chairman of the Remuneration, Audit and Nominations Committees are available to answer shareholders’ questions at the AGM.

ICG takes pride in its ability to attract, develop and retain exceptional staff. All our employees are of the highest calibre in their chosen field. We are a thriving multi-cultural organisation employing 31 nationalities.

Our commitment to our investors extends to our actions as an investor ourselves. We seek to invest in companies who act responsibly and who comply with environmental, regulatory and social legislation.

ICG works closely with a number of financial partners, including private equity firms and commercial banks. We seek partners who operate based on an ethical, responsible approach to their business activities and who are themselves following sustainable business practices. ICG actively promotes high ethical standards in all our business relationships and undertakes to be open, honest and consistent in every transaction.

Terms of Reference

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Nomination Committee

Remuneration Committee

Risk Committee


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