Annual Report 2017

This year we've grown our specialist asset manager franchise across geographies and strategies and we continue to look for opportunities that will enable us to build on this in the future.

Find out how in our 2017 Annual report and accounts...


Another strong year

This has been another year of considerable achievement with total assets under
management exceeding €23bn for the first time.

Download an introduction from our Chairman and CEO (PDF 69Kb)

How we create value

Our access to alternative sources of stable yield, combined with our financial discipline and specialist market knowledge allow us to optimise our balance sheet and create long term value.

Download our Business Model (PDF 101Kb)

How market trends are driving our strategy

Alternative asset classes are attractive for their enhanced returns and diversification opportunities. We are in a strong position to capitalise on this market opportunity through our clear three-point strategy.

Download our Marketplace and Strategy (PDF 55Kb)

How we have performed

We continue to make good progress in creating long term shareholder value by delivering on our strategic objectives.

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How we manage risk

Effective risk management provides the framework within which we can successfully deliver our strategic priorities.

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Committed to strong corporate governance

We aim to exercise robust supervision and leadership of the Group while fostering a corporate culture that permits growth and empowers our employees.

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