Private equity solutions

Strategic Equity is a specialist private equity ("PE") business operating mainly in the US and Europe with a focus on directly or indirectly acquiring PE assets or portfolios of assets that are owned by expiring fund vehicles and/or in other situations where the seller(s) seek liquidity.

We often partner with an incumbent General Partner ("GP") to execute the equivalent of a “management buyout” of its existing mature portfolio of assets in older vintage PE investment vehicles. Such transactions provide Limited Partners (“LP”) comprehensive liquidity options, while at the same time providing additional time, capital and strategic support for the GP to seek to maximise value at the underlying companies.

In addition to these “GP-led” transactions, we also make direct or indirect investments in underlying companies (normally in portfolios) and other investments that exhibit similar seller dynamics and attractive investment attributes.

As direct PE investors, we conduct intensive portfolio and asset underwriting to determine likely future values, timing, and paths to liquidity, as well as exercising meaningful governance over the portfolios post transaction. We are prepared to invest additional capital to enhance a portfolio's future value.

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