Private Equity solutions

Strategic equity

ICG Strategic Equity is a market leading specialist in private equity investments through GP-led fund restructuring transactions, recapitalisations and whole-fund liquidity solutions.

The investment strategy focuses on working with incumbent fund managers to provide liquidity options for existing investors in mature or expiring fund vehicles. ICGSE targets special situations in which it can acquire concentrated portfolios of private equity assets or single companies which require more time and/or more capital to maximise value.
The ICG Strategic Equity team is comprised of ten dedicated investment professionals with significant direct private equity experience operating out of offices in New York and London.


ICG Enterprise Trust plc

ICG Enterprise Trust plc ("the Company") is an investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Company aims to provide shareholders with long term capital growth through investment in unquoted companies. To achieve this, the Company invests in private equity funds and also directly in private companies. The Company was listed in 1981 and has invested exclusively in private equity throughout its life.

The Company provides access to a diverse portfolio of buy-outs of mature, profitable companies in established European private equity markets and does not invest in start ups or early stage businesses. The Company has a conservative approach to both portfolio and balance sheet management. As a result the Company has a strong performance record over its 35 year history. For further details see the Company's website at

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