Alternative capital solutions

ICG’s alternative capital solutions invest in a range of tailored funding in mid-market companies, in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. The strategies also benefit from the dislocation in credit markets and offer an attractive risk / reward profile.

We leverage the expertise of our global platform of portfolio managers and investment executives, who are embedded in local markets around the world to originate, structure and manage the attractive and unique investment opportunities for investor portfolios.

Corporate investing

ICG works with businesses to develop capital solutions tailored around specific requirements, designed to achieve a company's goals. Bespoke solutions can include private debt, senior, junior and subordinated debt, mezzanine, structured loans and equity. ICG invests in companies with experienced management teams, who have a proven strategy, typically in non-cyclical industries. Investments are usually originated, structured and managed by ICG, offering investors access to unique opportunities.

Direct lending

ICG’s direct lending strategies invest in senior secured and subordinated debt investments with a ‘sleep at night’ portfolio risk profile. We invest in companies across Europe where we originate, structure and execute our own transactions, either as the lead arranger or the sole lender. Our direct lending strategies offer investors an attractive risk/reward profile with a stable cash yield.

Real estate
  • Real estate whole loans and mezzanine

ICG-Longbow real estate teams predominantly invest in self-originated whole loans secured against commercial property in the UK and selectively across Europe. This strategy also provides development funding and subordinated capital, including mezzanine debt and preferred equity. With a focus on investments with income and/ or value growth business plans, portfolios seek to generate attractive total returns, underpinned by a stable risk profile dominated by whole loans. Our real estate whole loans and mezzanine strategies seek to offer investors strong capital protection coupled with predictable returns.

  • Real estate senior debt

Our UK real estate senior debt programme has been developed to offer investors exposure to a defensive commercial real estate senior debt portfolio, seeking to provide:

  • strong protection against capital loss;
  • secure fixed rate income returns; and
  • a stable or improving risk profile
Alternative credit

Alternative Credit strategies can offer investment opportunities in assets, structured in portfolio format, such as CLOs, RMBS, CMBS and correlation tranches. ICG’s Alternative Credit investment team focus on three core opportunities: (a) structured credit; (b) filling the credit void left by exiting banks, and (c) credit portfolios sourced from banks balance sheets. This strategy targets these three core areas by investing into portfolios of credit for which there are no reliable third party pricing or research tools (i.e. the approach relies heavily on manager expertise and bespoke research). The strategy centres around analysis of these non-standardised opportunities, including detailed analysis of the underlying credits. It seeks to capture alpha by identifying price inefficiencies in the structured credit markets, providing solutions to financial institutions and opportunistic trading. Many of the opportunities the strategy targets benefit directly from the core macro themes of banking transformation and government / central bank policies.

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