European Private Company Trends report

April 2018

We are pleased to introduce the first edition of the ICG European Private Company Trends report. The report is based on data ICG has built up over more than 28 of years of investing in Europe’s private markets, providing previously unavailable insights into fundamental trends in Europe’s unlisted company sector. The database comprises over ten years of detailed data, covering over 400 companies in Europe, 17 countries, 8 sectors and a range of metrics for measuring corporate financial performance.

Our data tracks a large and robust sample of private companies, tracking key performance statistics over time, providing a dynamic view of companies’ financial health through the cycle.

We plan to publish updates of this report on a quarterly basis, providing what we hope will be useful and timely analyses of trends in Europe’s private company financial fundamentals.

Please email us to request a copy of the report. This report will only be made available to institutional investors at a corporate email address.